Dutch Workshop on Medicine Use During Pandemics and its Effect on STPs and Water Quality

Date: 20, January 2011
Location: RIVM, Antonie van Leeuwenhoeklaan 9 Antonie van Leeuwenhoek Laan 9, 3721 MA Bilthoven 3721 MA Bilthoven, The Netherlands

Final Report: Workshop Report – Pandemic and WWTP

Organiser: Dr. ir. Caroline Moermond
Stoffen Expertise Centrum (SEC)
RIVM, Postbus 1, 3720 BA Bilthoven

Chair: Dr. Mark Montforts
Senior Policy Advisor and Coordinator
RIVM, Postbus 1, 3720 BA Bilthoven

Program of Speakers

13:00 Mark Montforts (RIVM) – Welcome

13:10 Aura Timen (RIVM, National centre for infectious disease control) – What is a pandemic?
Definition of a pandemic, how often does it happen, how does it develop, what can be said about medicinal use, etc.

13:35 Caroline Moermond/Mark Montforts (RIVM, Substance expertise centre) – The tamiflu case
In 2009 an environmental risk assessment was performed for the antiviral drug Tamiflu. De potential environmental risks of Tamiflu will be presented, along with an overview of measured and calculated values.

14:00 Thomas ter Laak (KWR) – Pharmaceutical variations in the river Rhine
Measured concentrations of pharmaceuticals in the Rhine will be compared with calculated values. How do these vary in time? Are the current calculation methods suitable to realistically estimate pharmaceutical concentrations?

14:25 Heike Schmitt (Universiteit Utrecht) – Antibiotics in the environment
Estimations (and measurements) of antibiotic usage during an epidemic are combined with data on behaviour of antibiotics in the environment. Specific attention is paid to modelling the effect of antibiotic usage on microbial consortia in sewage treatment plants and rivers.

14:50 Koffie/thee

15:15 Wim Wiegant (Royal Haskoning) – Effects on STPs
How robust are STP’s? What happens if an STP has to deal with high loads of antibiotics? How fast will the system recover? What can a STP-manager do to prevent problems?

15:40 Andrew Singer (Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, UK) – The UK experience
In Great Britain there has been attention for the subject of environmental effects of epidemics/pandemics during the last couple of years. Within the PREPARE project a number of researches has been performed. Andrew Singer tells about the experiences from the UK and show the results of his research.

16:20 Reflection and Feedback